Japanese or Bust!: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

As many of you know, I am not really into cars...at all. I drove a Toyota Corolla from my second year of college until March 2008, so for about 12 years. The only reason that I got rid of it is that I finally started having to put more money into it on an annual basis than if I had a monthly car payment. It was hard to say goodbye but I did. Forutnately, my parents were willing to give me a *great* deal on their third car -- a Volkswagon Passat -- so that I could replace my Corolla. While it's been pretty good to me up until now, I've had to put about $2,500 into that 2004 Passat over the past two-three months in order to keep it running. No joke. The latest repair was a wopping $1,400 to replace the damaged heater core. (Apparently, it is very dangerous to drive a car with a damaged heater core because you engine can overheat easily and it is very difficult to fix.) Needless to say, I'm not happy. I'm pretty sure that I've decided that I need to go back to my roots, so to speak, and sell the Passat (quickly, while it's working...) in order to purchase either a Hondo Civic or Toyota Corolla. I love how easily those cars handle. I love how cheap they are to fill up and that they get great gas mileage. I love that they are easy to parallel park. I love everything about them. My Passat might be nicer to look at but it's a royal pain in all other ways!

Speaking of pains, I had a lot of them last weekend, including the big car repair. They included leaving my cell phone in a taxi cab Friday night (I recovered it from Alexandria Yellow Cab yesterday afternoon), loaner dog puking on my bedroom rug on Saturday morning, and having my father discover that my neighbor's bathroom plumbing drains into mine. When it rains it pours! And it sure did pour last weekend. Despite the rain, I had a lot of fun catching up with T.C. girlfriends at Vermillion on Friday night and attending the Sigler's annual oyster roast on Saturday afternoon.

Alright, off to begin a serious cleanout and reorganization of my upstairs. Oh, and even though it may have taken me exactly a month to post them, I finally posted the Southern Swing photos I promised you long, long ago. Please refer to the "Southern Swing" post back on September 20 to find them!

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  1. I had good luck selling my car on Craig's List! And I loved both my Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic -- can't go wrong.