BVIs Bound!: Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, I wasn't sure I was going to but I'm pleased to report that I survived all of the holiday festivities. I'm in the middle of packing for what I hope will be a very relaxing, fun 10-day vacation to the British Virgin Islands, during which I will kiss 2009 goodbye and usher in what will hopefully be a much, much better year.

At press time, I'm totally stressed out as I try to pack for the trip and take care of last minute to dos. I have a 7 a.m. flight tomorrow, which will be my first in a year and I have to say, I haven't missed flying one bit. I'm dreading security. I'm dreading everything about the flight but I know I'll be happy once I get to St. Thomas.

So, I'm off. I'll be be back on or around January 7th once I've returned from sailing through paradise.


Merry Christmas!: December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that Santa is good to you this year. He sure has been good to me. If you'd asked me to predict on March 10, 2009 how I'd feel on this Christmas, I could never have imagined I'd feel this happy or healthy just three short months following treatment. It is the best present I could get and I'm more grateful for my good health and happiness than words can express.

I'll be back over the next few days with more holiday celebration photos so stay tuned! Have a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Love and Politics: Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wow! Almost another full week has gone by since my last post. It's crazy season full of holiday gatherings...and errands...and it's hard to keep up! As you may recall, the first weekend of December was a whirlwind for me: Michelle and Jim's wedding was on Friday night and I hosted a political fundraiser for my friend Elena, who is running for the Georgia State House of Representatives, on Saturday evening. Here are some shots from the weekend of "Love and Politics." Enjoy!
All the ladies getting pretty in the Hotel Monaco.
The gorgeous bride-to-be ready for her dress!
Me and Michelle ready for the chapel. (By the way, I've given up loading vertical shots properly. Nothing I do works. Very upsetting.)
The bride and groom pre-ceremony.
The wedding party in front of the Old Town Trolley, our transportation for the festivities.
The bride and groom post-ceremony/pre-reception.
The bar at the reception.
Now for Saturday's fundraiser: The hostess and the candidate.
The tablescape.
Stump speech.
Loyal supporters: Melissa S., me, Elena, and Kristin W.
Obligatory candidate kissing baby shot.
Me (sans Brenda) with the lovely Parent sisters: Elena, me, Denise, and Diana.

Gobble, Gobble: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Okay, so I know it's pretty pathetic that Christmas is next week and I'm just now posting some highlights from Thanksgiving. But it's crazy season so you'll just have to cut me some slack. Below are some shots from our lovely Thanksgiving. Enjoy and stay tuned for other photo updates soon!

We had an informal white wine tasting I put together for Michelle and Jim's wedding wine. If you'll recall, Michelle and Jim's wedding was the week after Thanksgiving. Fortunately, we all agreed on the best whites.

The happy couple: Michelle and Jim were wonderful additions to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Ansley and her parents were another wonderful addition to our day. What a good looking group of people: Don and Bonnie Foster with Ansley and Bobby.

Me and Bobby with our eyes half-closed. Oh well. We tried.

The feast! It was just as delicious as it usually is. Good job Mom and Dad!
And finally a shot of the hostess with the mostess. My mama who pulled everything together beautifully!

Three Month Stats: Monday, December 14, 2009

Just back from a great check-up with Dr. E. Here are my three month wellness stats:

Weight = 123 lbs., which is a 9lb. weight gain from my all-time low of 114 lbs.
CA125 = 9!!!
HE4 = TBD; have to call back later in the week for that.
CT scan = 100% clear!!!
Physical exam = Nothing remarkable and Dr. E continues to be proud of his crooked incision, claiming that it's one of his straightest ever. Whatever.

While I'm thrilled with most of my stats, as is Dr. E, I'm on the fence with the weight gain. I think this is mostly because I know it's due to holiday indulgences, and not muscle gain or some other healthy cause. Oh well. I'll get back to my healthy, anti-cancer lifestyle in the new year, I suppose.

Dr. E and I talked a bit at the end of the appointment and once again, we both agreed that we think my cancer was found just in time so that it could be totally decimated, never to return. I think we're both pretty optimistic at this point that I'll achieve a five-year cure. I like him so much better when we agree about things.

Anyway, that just about sums up my first check-up. I delivered gifts to all of the chemo nurses (manicures at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa), Katy (a manicure and a bottle of my new favorite Bordeaux), and of course, Dr. E (a bottle of Petron for when he's had a long, hard day and needs to drink alone and a bottle of Bordeaux to share with his wife).

*Apologies to Melissa S. for "borrowing" her stats update style. Just seemed appropriate...

All Clear!: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm due for my first check-up with Dr. E next week (I have one every three months for the next two years and then every six months until I hit my five year cure) and one of the items ordered up for the appointment was a pelvic and abdominal CT scan. I didn't expect to hear the results of the scan until next Monday's appointment but Dr. E had his nurse call me this morning to tell me that everything on the scan looks good. Yay! I'm off to get blood work this afternoon and hopefully, my CA125 and other levels will be just as good as the scan.

Oh, and yes, I know I've been deliquent in updating lately. And by now, you know the reason why. Just busy and happy. I will be back soon (maybe tomorrow?) with "Gobble, Gobble" and "Love and Politics." Stay tuned...they'll be tons of pictures!