Priceless: Thursday, August 5, 2010

Registration fee for a US Women’s Series sprint triathlon in San Diego: $85.00

Cross-country airfare, race hotel, bike repairs to my old five-speed (yes, that really is what I’m going to train on), tri shorts (since I’m loath to wear a real tri suit), bike helmet (the last time I rode a road bike in 1988 they weren’t in fashion), wet suit rental (for the freezing San Diego Bay, which should be a balmy 66 degrees on race day), and bike rental (renting a real bike for the race but don't worry...only using one gear since the course is flat): $750 (give or take)

Finishing your first sprint triathlon with five of your best friends to celebrate your one-year wellness anniversary following treatment for stage III ovarian cancer: PRICELESS.
Good thing that for everything else there's MasterCard. (Just kidding, Dad!)

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