Happy Anniversary! : Monday, June 8, 2009

I don't normally remember to wish my parents a happy anniversary, let alone get them a card. However, I think they deserve a special shout out this year. Congratulations on 34 years, Mom & Dad! Once again, you've proven to be a great example of what true love and commitment are all about. I know my illness has provided yet another test for your union but like all of the other challenges you've faced together, it's only brought you closer as you've pulled together to help me get through all of this. Thank you for all of the support you have given me, whether financial, emotional, logistical, medical, etc. etc. Enjoy your dinner at Le Refuge and your week together in Charleston! I love you both!

On another note, I guess I should stop promising prompt chemo updates following each treatment because as you can tell from the last three rounds, I never manage to get my act together for an update very quickly.

Friday's treatment went as smoothly as the others have. However, unlike the others, I slept during most of my treatment. And I kept on sleeping for most of the weekend. I think I may have mentioned (maybe not...) that I hadn't slept particularly well last week so I guess I needed to play catch-up. (See...I do listen to my body!) I slept for at least two or three hours in the treatment room on Friday and then I slept from about 11 p.m. - 7 a.m. that night. I'm not a big napper (at all!) but I took a beautiful three hour nap on Saturday afternoon and then slept from 11 p.m. - 8 a.m. (unheard of for me!) on Saturday night.

Despite how it might sound, I didn't just sleep this weekend. Friday night, I had a wonderful dinner with good friends at Kristin & Shawn's. Saturday, my mom and I had a fun lunch with my Aunt Marty and then that night I had a great dinner at Jackson 20 with my good friend, Michelle. Yesterday was beautiful so after walking with mom and grocery shopping at MOM's, I spent the rest of the day poolside at my parent's with a whole bunch of guests including Jill, Alison, Kristin, Shawn, LEW, Melissa, Geoff, and Thomas!

Oh, and as promised, here are just a couple of shots from the chemo room at Dr. E's office.

One of my favorite nurses, Marianne, sharing Melissa's delicious cookies with another patient. See what I mean about me not belonging with the rest of the patient population?

Mmmm...these are good! They must have each told me about half dozen times how good the cookies were.

Most of the gang of chemo nurses. These women are the best people in the world. I'm so thankful they're in charge of my care. From left to right: Thy (Pronounced: Twee; I think I'm spelling it wrong), Darlene, Marianne, Rosemary, Cheryl, and ??? (she answers the phone for the chemo hotline).

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