Small Gains: Monday, June 15, 2009

So, I guess my strategy of eating red meat (thanks to L&L Society Gala and Food Matters' wine tasting) and dried apricots (thanks to Kristin and Melissa S. for their help in that) paid off...a little bit. When I went in to get my blood work done this morning, my RBCs were .4 better than they were on Friday. Not much improvement really but certainly trending in the right direction. It was enough that I didn't have to hear about the "T" word again, which made me happy. And since I haven't heard from my colorectal surgeon's office yet, it is probably good enough for them NOT to cancel my colonoscopy. Hurray! Can't wait for that party to get underway. Oh, and my white count remains strong thanks to that shot of nasty Neulasta. Fortunately, the crippling pain it caused has subsided and I haven't taken a vicodin (miss you so much!) in over 48 hours.

What else? I had a lovely alfresco dinner with Deloitte colleagues and good friends, Kim and Holly. It's now time to tune in to another episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Yes, I do like and regularly watch that show. I hope they find a way to stay together.

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