Fall FUNdraising: Thursday, October 29, 2009

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last wrote. I suppose that this shouldn't surprise me anymore -- it's just another positive sign that I'm feeling great and am not at home as much (at all?!?) to find time to write. Here's a quick update on what I've been up to over the past week: Friday evening I had a fun and yummy dinner with Shannon and Alison at The Majestic's bar. I don't love the atmosphere in the restaurant (think stark diner) but Alison and I always have a fun time at the bar so I wanted to Shannon to try while she was in town.

After I dropped Shannon off for a visit with her parents on Saturday, I headed down to Richmond for another fun evening with my Richmond friends. We ended up staying in and cooking (seared shrimp and scallops with butternut squash risotto...yum!) in my friend Kindra and Karl's new kitchen, which is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera on me to take pictures but you can check out the ALMOST finished product at Keeping Up with the Kirkebys.

I came home Sunday evening and was treated to a delicious dinner of mushroom and leek quiche and salad at Alison's while we watched the first episode of Mad Men. We've decided that there's too much good buzz about the show to miss out so we've started a Sunday night viewing dinner party series for this fall and winter. Thank God for Netflix!

So, that was the weekend, which was pretty fun. Monday was much less fun as I spent a good portion of it fasting and then in the hospital waiting to get my chest port removed, which should be my last procedure of the year (and hopefully, many more years). Yay! I still have a series of diagnostic tests to endure in December but I consider any appointment that I don't have to fast and/or get IV drugs for a piece of cake.

I spent much of Tuesday running errands, including getting "Brenda" washed again, and continuing my upstairs organization project. I'm pleased to report that it's mostly complete and I'm feeling terrific now that I can see the floor in my study and my bedroom closet. Now I just have to tackle all of the paperwork that's still on top of my desk. Ugh!

And it's another busy, busy day today. I'm preparing for that first of what I hope will become an annual event: Shop for the Cure at Food Matters. I'm so grateful to the five jewelry and stationery vendors who have agreed to participate and donate part of their proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, and of course to my friends Christy and Tom for hosting the event in their private dining room. We'll see how it goes and what I need to tweak for next year!

Okay, I'm off to finish cleaning up my running shoes. Why? I managed to step in dog s--t this morning while out on my walk with loaner dog. As if I needed another unpleasant task?!? Oh well, I suppose it's retribution for all of the times I don't clean up his s--t when I walk him in the dark of night. Below are some shots from the weekend. Enjoy!

Shannon, me, and Alison enjoying the bar at The Majestic in Old Town.

What's prettier --the fall foliage or my loaner dog? I couldn't resist making him pose for this shot.

And then I let him have some fun with a branch he had no chance on conquering...

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