Recessionista: Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm finally finding some time to write in the midst of a few busy days. My college roomate Shannon, who lives in San Francisco, is visiting right now. She's been in town for work and was staying at the new W hotel downtown this week so I met her there last night after a delicious vegetable curry dinner at Christy's. Apparently, the folks at the W rooftop bar royally screwed up her reservation the night before, so we were treated to prime seats and a great bottle of champagne. It sure does pay to complain (nicely) sometimes! While the W lobby is a bit of a scene, it's kind of worth putting up with that to experience the view from the rooftop bar on a nice evening.

We've had a great day thus far today. I used one of my fabulous Sugar House gift certificates this morning for a 50 minute massage (Shannon had one, too) and then Shannon and I went on a three mile walk down the GW Parkway. This week is peak foliage around here and it was so great to see it all on the trail. We had lunch at Restaurant Eve's bar and took advantage of its "Lickity-Split" $13.50 lunch special. I chose a delicious roasted beet salad and the risotto. Yum!

After lunch, we hit Alexandria's boutique district for a little retail therapy. Two of the spots we hit are my favorite consignment shops: Diva and Mint Condition. I've become quite a fan of the consignment store in recent months. Not so much to buy things but to sell things that either don't fit me anymore (never thought that any of my size 6 pants would ever be too big but, alas, they are) or that I'm just tired of and are too nice to just donate to the TWIG thriftstore. Anyway, I highly recommend these stores to any of you who live around here are looking good for a good deal on designer duds. I can't wait for the money to start pouring in so I can...go buy more new clothes (or, pay some more medical bills...drat!).

Speaking of paying medical bills, I have quite a few pending. Given this, and the fact that I still need to pay for half of my upcoming New Year's trip and a few other things, I'm thinking of getting to my babysitting roots and putting the word out that I'm open weekday evening sitting. Seriously. I mean, I enjoy spending time with my friends' kids and at $12-15 per hour, it may be just the way to cover cancer bills, Christmas shopping, and cocktails in the BVIs. Hmmm...have to think about it a bit more.

Here are a few kind of blurry shots of Shannon, me, and our friend Keira at the W last night. Check out the view in the background of the shot of Shannon. Okay, off to dinner at The Majestic in Old Town.

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