The Cowgirl Cure: Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today is Christina's and my Aunt Kathy's birthday. Mom and I traveled to Murlin (you know, Maryland) to get "Brenda" cleaned up for the weekend and treated Kathy to lunch for her birthday. As usual, we had a great time -- it was fun celebrating her birthday and the end of my treatment. I had many errands and tasks to do throughout the day to prepare for Ali's wedding weekend but I ended the day with a wonderful dinner with about 10 girlfriends to celebrate the end of my treatment. The dinner was held at Christy's restaurant (Food Matters) and we all had the pasta night special. Yum! Coincidentally, we all had the chance to meet and talk with the Democratic candidate for governor, Creigh Deeds. He was holding a fundraiser at the restaurant and took a moment to come over to our table, which was decked out with teal, green, and purple balloons (thanks MPR!). I took the opportunity of our introduction to make my ovarian cancer awareness plug and he shared his wife's own scary ovary story with me (she ruptured an ovary while pregnant and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed...the baby lived and just graduated from UVA). Anyway, it was a joyous celebration and I'm so appreciative of all that my friends did to make it so special -- from the balloons, to the teal ribbon sugar cookies (thanks Mary!), to the cake, to the Fodor's British Virgin Islands book Layla gave me (have I mentioned that's where I'm going for New Year's?), to the "what I love most about Jennie" toasts. It was so much fun! Group picture to follow.

I thought that after I put those sobering statistics up for all of you yesterday, I'd be a bit more positive today and feature a cool ovarian cancer survivor (you know, there are many of us out there...). Check out Gina DePalma. I may not be a kick ass pastry chef but I think I'm a bit of a cowgirl, too!

I have so much to catch up on with you all -- from the Souther Swing photos to Monday's appointment with Dr. E to a shot from tonight's festivities. Where does the time go? Well, I'm off to Vermont at 0500 hours tomorrow morning, which is when my parents will pull up to load my stuff in the car. Wish us luck on the New Jersey Turnpike and's a jungle out there! I'll be back with all of my updates on Monday or Tuesday when I've returned from the festivities.

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