Day 1 for the LAST Time!: Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, we're back from our southern swing to Charleston and Richmond. It was a great trip and now it's back to reality: chemo, bills, and other kinds of life administration tasks. What better way to spend a gray and rainy Wednesday than to start your LAST cycle of chemo, right? I'm heading over to my parent's in less than an hour to drop off loaner dog (who, by the way, I think caught fleas at the end of our much for monthly Frontline!!!) before driving myself to and from chemo today. My mother decided it was okay for me to do this for two reasons: 1. I'm generally doing pretty well for the first 24 hours after my Day 1 treatment, which is just a three-hour infusion of Taxol (it takes about six or seven hours door to door) into my chest port and 2. She needs to spend the morning and afternoon preparing for my grandfather's visit for the next...week or two? As if she or my dad (he's really going to have to deal with this one...) need another patient! My grandfather had a knee replacement surgery about a month ago and they've decided to have him come stay for an undetermined amount of time to finish his convalescence. Again, I'm constantly amazed at what my parent's are able to handle together without falling apart: running a small business, keeping up with two high-maintenance houses, caring for me, now caring for Grandad, helping out with loaner dog A LOT, etc. etc.

Okay, so now that you know I'm back from Charleston in one piece and how I'll spending my day (and tomorrow and part of Friday for hydration therapy), I'm going to run and get ready for all of the fun and games. I promise to get the photos from our trip posted soon. Happy hump day!


  1. good luck and congrats with the beginning of your last cycle! i'm super jealous... i've got 2.5 left...

  2. The final countdown! Thinking about you!

  3. I'm thinking about you too! Had to remove the teal from my fingers, but it's still on my toes!