Happy Labor Day!: Monday, September 7, 2009

Well, I've labored quite a bit this Labor Day weekend. It's felt great to have energy, to not be nauseous or to have the slightest hint of a metallic taste in my mouth, to spend time with friends, and to bleach the crap out of my kitchen!!! There's nothing like a good bleachin' session to bring a girl back, right? Unfortunately, I chose to do my marathon cleaning during the prettiest day of the weekend (perhaps the year?), which was yesterday. Oh well. I'm still glad I did it. You see, I've really let things go around my house since my treatment started and have depended on my mom to do the occasional bathroom scrub (and a few million other things!). But yesterday I took matters into my own hands and bleached the countertops, the sink, scrubbed the microwave and stovetop, mopped the floor, and even reorganized the cabinets (including moving about a dozen vases I've accumulated over the past six months out of the way...here we come TWIG donation!). I continued the cleaning spree this afternoon (in between joining Michelle for a trip to the stationers to select her wedding invitation and helping Jill celebrate her birthday) by vacuuming and mopping the rest of the first floor hardwood floors, which were in desperate need of it since loaner dog sheds about five pounds of hair on a daily basis. Ahhh. I feel so much better when my house is clean, don't you? And as much as I like it when it someone else does the cleaning, there's really nothing as satisfying as doing it yourself. Okay...maybe I inhaled too much of the bleach. Bleach, by the way, is not part of an anti-cancer lifestyle. The anti-cancer lifestlye promotes use of green, non-toxic cleaning products, which I support but just this once I needed my bleach. We'd been apart for far too long.

On top of cleaning, I attended a fun Labor Day cookout at the Whitman's on Saturday evening, during which I ate a DELICIOUS grassfed beef burger (I know...gasp!...gotta keep that red count up, right?) and some yummy sides, including Melissa R.'s potato salad (with bacon...double gasp!!), my Barefoot Contessa tomato feta salad (Ina never disappoints!), a green salad, Kristin's sinful blue cheese dip (triple gasp!!!), and a tasty fruit salad with my favorite white peaches for dessert (FINALLY... something on the anti-cancer plan!).

I have to get going and finish packing. Mom and I are hitting the road again tomorrow. We've decided to squeeze in another Charleston trip before my LAST treatment cycle, which begins on Wednesday, September 16. I'm so excited to get away for a week to do all of my favorite things down there: EAT. WALK. BEACH. SHOP. That about covers it! Oh, and we do have a fun design project we're going to tackle on this trip so you'll want to check in to see the before and after.

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  1. Have a wonderful time - glad you'll be coming home to a clean house. Nothing better.