Teal Toes: Monday, September 28, 2009

Have you heard of this organization? I love its mission, which is actually pretty simple. In fact, I decided to send teal nail polish to many of my lady friends and colleagues during September to try and raise awareness myself. Problem is: I only sent or gave out about a dozen so far. It's actually pretty time-consuming to send individual notes and get to the post office to ship the packages and between my trip to Charleston and the ups and down of my last two cycles of IP chemo, the majority haven't been sent yet...but they're coming and your teal nail polish will be waiting for next September!

Thank you to all of my friends (the guys, too!) who painted their toes teal during September! They include Kristin and LEW, Cassie and Kate, Sara and Ella, the Rehoboth beach crew (see below), Michelle (see below), Mom, Christina, Kindra, and others I probably don't know about. Again, I so appreciate your efforts to help me spread the word about the disease that whispers.

Here are a few shots of some teal toes!

The Rehoboth beach crew's teal toes, including Claire's, Skei's, Irene's, Heide's, Lee's, Macon's (yes, that's a guy), and Chris' (another guy!)...I'm probably leaving out one or two.

As you'll see any kind of teal will do! That's Michelle's and my feet on the lawn of The Sanctuary in Charleston with our teal toes.


  1. Um, don't forget me! I didn't have teal toenails AND fingernails for nothing! :)
    Miss you, Shannon

  2. I got lots of comments and questions about mine that led to many opportunities to share about the "why."

  3. Okay, so I probably overlooked several other people who painted their toes. Chemo brain strikes again. Thanks Shannon & Ansley!

  4. I can't believe how white my feet are!! I loved my teal toes and talking about them!

  5. SO awesome! PLEASE post these photos to the Teal Toes Facebook page!

    Also, anyone else looking for polish can check out www.tealtoes.org/polish for lots of suggestions!

  6. You go, Rehoboth Beach crew! Check out my own Rehoboth Teal Toes on the Facebook page - I just posted it today. -Tori

  7. The color really gets people asking- I gave a Salon in NYC the website info and asked them to get on board for next September! Thanks so much for the note and the polish!!!

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