33 and Cancer-Free - Part III: Friday, September 11, 2009

I bet you thought you'd never see these! Well, here are my "33 and Cancer-Free" birthday party pictures, as well as some shots from my birthday luncheon, all for your viewing pleasure. Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm feeling great (have done the bridge walk the past two days), the weather is PERFECT down here, and our design project is moving along nicely. The only thing that I've failed miserably at is getting out all of my birthday thank yous and National Ovarian Cancer Awareness mailings. Oh well. Something's gotta give, right? Enjoy!

The beautiful centerpiece that my dad surprised my mother with, "For being the best mother in the world!" So true!
The stars of the show! Delicious Georgetown Cupcakes in chocolate ganache, vanilla squared, and lemon berry. Please note the "33" on the top of each cupcake.
Our bartender, Joanie, with the bar in the summer room. We had to move things inside due to the thunderstorms we had that night. Best laid plans, right?
A close-up on the bubbly and the "33 and Cancer-Free!" napkins. Details, details...
My beautiful girlfriends at the Whitman's pre-party (from left to right): Ali (in town from NYC), Christina (in town from NYC), Sara (a.k.a. S'Nokes; in town from Greenville, SC), Jill, Jori (in town from San Diego and expecting her first baby boy!), and Kristin.

Welcome everyone! From left to right: Alisa, Heather, me, Jill, S'Nokes, and Layla. I'm spening New Year's in the BVIs with Heather, Jill, and Layla, all of whom I spent last New Year's with in Jackson Hole. Needless to say, we're looking forward to this year's warmer temps!

A great pair of gals: My wellness campaign co-captain, Michelle, who is also the bride-to-be, and Alison, my faithful pool companion.

Pretty ladies: My cousin Heather, who is a nurse and yogi and my wellness guru, and Kristin.

Two of my favorite septagenerians: My dear Aunt Kay (in from West Palm Beach) and my beloved Granny (a.k.a. Dr. Denny McGihon; in from Denver). Don't they make 70+ look good?

Good friends Krista and Michael Drescher, who took many of these photos!

My pool posse: Alison and Jill

As you see, the cupcakes went fast...time for the toasts!

First, I toasted my friends for everything they've done for the past six months (and longer!)...

My first friend in the world: Elena, who was in town with her husband Briley from Atlanta. She is expecting her first baby in February and is running for the Georgia State Legislature. Talk about a multi-tasker!

Many friends: My patient advocate Melissa, who is standing against the wall on the left, is expecting Baby Boy Sigler #2 in November, S'Nokes, Jori, Michelle, my former boss, Susan (in the turquoise dress), and many others.

My best pal from junior and high school, Christina, who is a talented PA doing HIV/AIDS research in NYC, along with my Uncle Chris, Granny, and Chris' wife Gail in the backgroud.

Toasting my parents -- the best parents in the world, who have literally carried me through all of this. Thank you!
My mom's toast to our friends, my dad, and moi! For someone who REALLY hates public speaking, she did a FANTASTIC job!

Ahhh...toast done! Not the best shot of me and my mom but we'll take it. Time to party OUTSIDE (the downpour finally stopped!)!!!

Here comes trouble! Jill + Jennie + Jori + S'Nokes = TROUBLE with a capital T!

T.C. in the house! Several of my friends from high school (plus, Ali from UVA): Kindra, Christina, Elena, Ali and me.

Me and Papa Charlie toward the end of the evening. My dad and Kindra's husband, Karl, developed a bit of a "bromance" during the party and stayed up telling stories and drinking beer until the early hours of the morning. Good times!

My birthday luncheon at one of my favorite places, Restaurant Eve, in Old Town. My Aunt Kay, Jori, Kristin, Mom, and Melissa were all able to attend. It was just as delicious as usual!

Camera troubles again, hence the sideways view. Blowing out the candles on 33! Bet you can't guess what my wish is for next year?!?

One last parting shot...what a tasty, relaxing lunch. Unforunately, it was followed by a much less appetizing chemo planning appointment with Dr. E, which Jori attended with me.

My college roommate and dear friend Shannon couldn't make it out from San Francisco for the party but she sent me these gorgeous flowers. She was so thoughtful to have the florist do them in a teal vase and include a teal ribbon (you know, for ovarian cancer awareness...). Thank you, Shannon!

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