Day 2 for the LAST Time!: Thursday, September 17, 2009

So, as expected, Day 1 went just fine. I was at the doctor's office for my infusion from about 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. I took my usual Benadryl-induced two+ hour nap, then visited with some lovely patients who were being infused next to me, then I had my yummy spaghetti lunch my mother had packed for me, and then it was time go home. I got home and rested on the couch the rest of the afternoon as I felt "blah," which is how I normally feel. I almost forgot that I needed to run to CVS to pick up my last prescription of Emend (super anti-nausea pills) for today's fun. It would have been really bad if I had forgotten as Emend is a wonder drug that allows me to hold things down for days following today's treatment. After CVS, I went over to visit with my grandfather and parents for a bit before heading over to the Whitmans for a meeting about Jori's upcoming baby shower. Again, I can function after my Day 1 treatment, I just feel rather tired and low-key.

So, I'm waiting for the call from the hospital for Day 2's Cisplatin infusion. I'll get there around 9 ish probably, start getting infused around noonish, will take my Benadryl nap (amen!), and then hang out the rest of the afternoon waiting to do my rotisserie chicken flipping at the end of it all. Good times! I will feel very bloated (my abdomen will be filled with about 2000 cc of fluid) and tired at the end of today's session and will probably just come home, drink an Ensure, and call it a day. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Just so the poison does its job...that's all I care about!


  1. So happy that this is the last blog post for a "day 2". Good luck! Am thinking of you, as always.