Grease!: Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay, so here's the deal, sometimes you've just got to have some (grease, that is) to help you get through a hangover...or the Day 2 Cisplatin treatment of your third and FINAL cycle of chemo. And that's just what I did this morning! After a delightful visit to the dog park, during which River repeatedly humped a happy-go-lucky 10-month old Lab/Chow mix named Jupiter, Michelle, Lucy, River, and I headed over to Food Matters for a yummy brunch on the patio and I had...drum roll please...a BACON (perfectly cooked...has to be crispy!), cheese (just one slice of extra sharp cheddar), and egg sandwich on multigrain. That sandwich -- as well as the fries and the ginger ale that accompanied it -- hit the spot and was just what I needed to fight the mild, yet persistent, nausea I experienced throughout the morning. See...I break the rules when I need to and don't regret it in the least! Yum!

I'm holding up okay following this treatment but am tired right now. I packed a lot in today: a 30-minute walk with River, the dog park, brunch, a short 50 -100 yard "walk" with my grandfather for his daily exercise, a trip to Border's to shop for my grandfather's funeral music with him (don't ask...he's recovering from knee surgery at my parent's right now and is very focused on planning his Naval Academy funeral service in his down time), a dessert on the patio of La Madeline per my grandfather's request (it's next to the Border's and as soon as he saw it, he had to have a dessert...he's got a wicked sweet tooth!), a long chat with my good friend Ali whose wedding I'm in the first weekend of October, and that about covers it. Now I must give myself a shot of Neupogen before heading over to the Riddy's for some baked ziti and salad. Double yum for the day! Don't worry, I will be home in bed early, though.

Oh, and I think that I'll finally get around to posting Southern Swing trip photos tomorrow. We'll see how things go!

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