33 and Cancer- Free Photos - Part I: Saturday, August 29, 2009

Well, it's been a week since my big birthday bash and since I'm not experiencing the same kind of ass-kicking I did from my last cylce of IP (...far from it, thanks to 25 miligrams less of Cisplatin AND remembering to take my post-infusion steroids!), I thought I'd motivate to share some of the shots from all of the celebrations that took place between Thursday, August 20th and Monday, August 24th -- my actual birthday.

First, here's a few fun shots of River's play date with McKinley, which occurred in the middle of a thunderstorm in my parent's backyard on Thursday afternoon. We all threw caution to the wind and let the dogs swim with thunder and (some) lightning in the background.
Follow the leader into the pool! McKinley didn't have much pool experience before this date with River... ...but quickly caught on! Synchronized swimming anyone?

After the dog's play date and the storm passed, I headed into the city for my friend Amelie's 2nd birthday party with her family. The chicken picatta dinner that her daddy, Chef Tom, made looked so good that I even broke down and had a piece of chicken along with a delicious summer succotash and sliced tomatoes. Oh, and we enjoyed killer peach cobbler for dessert!

Take 1: LEW and Amelie in their 2-year old ballerina outfits compliments of moi.

Take 2!

Take 3!

Well, I guess this is as good as it gets with two tired 2-year olds!

I ran from Amelie's birthday party to pick up my brother from the airport as he flew in from Gainesville, FL (where he's attending grad school) for the weekend's festivities. When we got home, I took a shot of the gorgeous roses my dad sent me for my birthday earlier in the day. Good job, Dad!

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