33 and Cancer-Free Photos - Part II: Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where have I been for the past week, you ask? Uh, I really can't tell you. I've been here...and there...and everywhere. For the most part, I've felt okay, although I am a bit more fatigued these days (that cumulative effect is finally catching up with me!), not sleeping particularly well, and until yesterday, had the same nasty metallic taste in my mouth that many of my friends have experienced/are experiencing during their first trimester of pregnancy. As for my anti-cancer diet, it's been non-existent. While I'm still not eating animal protein (except for seafood), drinking caffeine or alcohol, the rest of it has temorarily gone out the window as I basically eat carbs non-stop right now. I blame it on all of the steroids that I'm taking. I'm not stressing about it, if I want to eat something, I do. It will all normalize again once I finish treatment in 22 days!!! Yes, just 22 days until this crap is DONE!

Okay, where were we?!? Oh, yes, so since I recapped Thursday's pre-birthday activities, it's time to move onto Friday's festivities! I picked my beloved Aunt Kay up at the airport midday on Friday and afterward hosted a pre-birthday party for my friend's little ones -- you know, the two-year old set, who wouldn't be able to make it to Saturday night's bash. It happened to be Amelie's actual 2nd birthday so there were ice cream treats for the children (and adults!) and cocktails for their parents. Fortunately, we had much better weather for their pool party than we did for the adult's party on Saturday night. Here are some shots of the fun! Thanks to everyone for joining! Wouldn't it be fun to do this every Friday afternoon?

Everyone in the pool!

Some of the fifty+ set (grandparents and "play" grandparents) enjoyed catching up sans bathing suits...

Even baby Harper got her feet wet!

Gunter and Annika (a.k.a. the big kids) helped build a raft that others enjoyed...

We all scream for ice cream!

Annika, the best big sister in the world!

The birthday girl, Amelie

Our new friend, Genevieve

Our regular visitor, Thomas

Kindra and her boys, Henry and Jack

LEW and Amelie hugging good-bye. Is there anything cuter?


After the pool party concluded (Henry and Jack were the last to leave...funny, so was their mom and dad at the adult party?!), my family (Mom, Dad, Bobby, Aunt Kay, and me) hit our favorite spot, Carlyle, for a delicious dinner. Then we came home and figured out all that needed to be done on Saturday for the big bash! At the rate I'm going who knows when I'll post all of the pictures from the party and other birthday celebrations but I promise to try and be in touch before the end of the week. Right now, I'm going to turn my attention to another project I'm working on while killing time before I'm called in for today's Day 8 treatment, which it looks like I'll be able to receive based on where my blood levels were on Monday. Fingers crossed! Oh, and here's a hint about the project I'm working on, check it out: http://www.tealtoes.org/

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