As If!: Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As if I needed anymore medical bills, I got slammed with a $189 bill yesterday afternoon. And guess who it was for? Loaner dog! Being the responsible d'aunt that I am (d'aunt = dog + aunt), when I noticed that River had a bloody cut/scab thing on his head AND that he some pussy stuff on his you-know-what (plus, he peed like 3,000 times Sunday afternoon) AND that his nails were way too long, I (well, my mom and I) decided to take him into the vet yesterday afternoon (by the way, I know my brother will roll his eyes as he reads this...) to get it all checked out.

Anyway, the vet's office is great and runs far more efficiently than any of the human doctors I see but man, do they charge a lot of money! I guess they can since their charges are largely unregulated and all of their patients are uninsured (or 90% anyway), so why not?!? Dr. Bartl saw River and she gave us powder for the dermatitis on his head; an antiobiotic for his potential UTI, which she thinks is just confined to the prepuce; and sent him back with a vet tech for his pedicure. appointment, two drugs, and one pedicure later, I was out $189. Ugh! Actually, I would have been out more but my mom ponied up for the appointment so I really just covered the drugs and pedicure, which I think was more expensive than what I pay for my own pedicures based on the bill breakdown. Double ugh!

So, that was yesterday's pain and today's will be driving to the aforementioned evil Maryland to get my wig washed and styled. "Brenda" needs to look good on Saturday night and since I haven't washed her yet, I think it's about time!

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  1. Oh, yes. Animules! They are so expensive! I tell Sampson every time he goes to the vet that he has to fork over major doggie cuddles to pay his rent:) We are really trying to make it for the party this weekend! Hope to see you!!