How's it Growin'?: Friday, November 13, 2009

The state of my head and body hair seems to be of much concern to many these days so I thought I'd fill you in. My head hair is slowly but surely making a comeback. I'd say that I now have a slightly thinner version of what Demi Moore sported in G.I. Jane going on up top. No, I'm not saying I look as good as Demi Moore looked with her almost bald head, I'm just saying my hair color and growth is similar. As for the rest of me, I had my first eyebrow wax in over six months this morning at my beloved Sugar House. (*FYI local gals: Amy and Timi are my two favorite ladies for waxing and facials, Mercedes is awesome for massages, and Barry is my favorite hair stylist.) It's funny to think that I was actually excited about my eyebrow wax appointment. I'm tellin''s the little things that matter most as you come back from your visit to hell.
Anyway, as of last week, I'm shaving again on weekly basis. My underarms have come back fuller than my legs, which is fine by me. My theory is that my hair below the waistline is much thinner and slower to grow back because I had the stronger drugs inserted into my abdomen, therefore, not unlike the way of our great country, things are just a bit slower in the Southern region. Again, this is just my lay person theory but I think there must be something to it because I didn't notice this after my first three rounds of IV chemo.
So, that's where things stand today. Generally, I wear a knit winter hat for my walks with loaner dog and to travel to the gym but once I'm in the gym, I got au natural. So far, I haven't caught anyone gawking too much. Otherwise, I'm still all about wearing Brenda for work and social activities. At the rate I'm going, I think she'll be with me, at least part of the time, through the spring.
And, yes, I know I haven't addressed what's happening with "the hair down there." I think you can make a pretty good educated guess based on what I've described elsewhere.
Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to do battle on 95S. Wish me is Friday the 13th afterall!


  1. Hey Jennie, sorry for the lagging comments on your blog. Still think about you every day, even though I've gotten behind in knowing what you've been up to these days - it's hard to keep up! You've always got something going on! Glad you had a great day with the girls at the GCF Movement races - loved all the T-shirts. I wear my Team JLM, CKCA (Chicks Kicking Cancer's Ass) T all the time (...when I'm catching my Z's). I'm so sorry to hear about your great aunt, Jennie. I've been thinking a lot about the circle of life, too, lately with Jess' brother's passing, which happened the previous Monday. On a lighter note, please tell Melissa and Geoff congrats on the arrival of baby boy #2, Jay!!! Can't wait to meet him when I'm down for my next DC visit --not sure when that will be yet, but hopefully not too far off. Hope to catch up with you soon!


  2. Still reading and thinking about you G.I. Jennie.

  3. Dear Jennie -
    This is to say that: we're sorry to hear about your Great Aunt Patty, it sounds like you had a wonderful connection with her this past year; w/w/o Brenda, you're still the beautiful niece we've always known; we still check your blog (yes, a little less frequently now than before, but it's fun to catch-up, case in point:-); we were happy to participate in your last fundraiser (got the gold:-); we're impressed with your recent marathon and learning experience at the ovarian conference; all of which is to say that we see you living expansively within the great circle, and that's marvelous indeed.
    Best thoughts and love -
    Uncle Chris & Gail