Marley and Me: Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I didn't think that I would post today given that I was busy finishing up work and personal errands before the holiday weekend but given what went down here, I found some inspiration. See below.

What's all of that, you ask? That would be one of my mother's Christmas gifts - a custom made decorative pillow for the Charleston house - after River, er Marley, decided to shred it up while I was at lunch with my mother, my brother, and his girlfriend, Ansley. If the whole thing hadn't been so maddening to me, it really would have been funny. When we walked in from lunch, River was standing there wagging his tail to greet us. It didn't take long for us to question why he had feathers all over his face. My brother, Bobby, was the first to the scene of the crime so I let him handle the disciplining. Bobby neglected to mention to me that River really likes down pillows.

River's walk of shame down stairs following Bobby's disciplining, during which he got a heck of a lot more feathers in his face.

Isn't clean up fun?
As you can see, it was a team effort...

...that extended into the hallway.

It's a good thing he's cute because otherwise, River would probably be homeless this evening. Let's hope the holiday doesn't get even more, uh, interesting tomorrow.


  1. NOOOO...not a custom pillow. I was reading it and was like...ohhh...and then...OHHHH NOOO! River!

    - Alison

  2. He and Lucy are soulmates :-)