Pescetarian: Friday, November 6, 2009

You really do learn something everyday, I guess. And who would of thought I would have learned something from The Majestic's bartender last night while ordering the mixed grill special I enjoyed during a visit with Alison and her mom. I've jokingly referred to myself as a fish-otarian lately (and did so again in yesterday's blog post and when I ordered last night) but, as Mike (the bartender) pointed out, there is a well-established word for my evening diet: pescetarianism. Am I the last person to know this term or is this news to you, too? Anyway, I'm really glad to know that there is a legitimate label for the way I'm eating these days.

I'm off to the gym before a couple of appointments and many little projects today. I'm working part-time this month to ease back into things and today is my day "off," which means I'll just run around trying to get a million things done all day. And I do need to get a lot done today as I have a pretty crazy weekend ahead, including Krista and Michael's choral concert tonight; an all-day workshop for ovarian cancer survivors tomorrow and 5K race on Sunday morning, both of which are part of the GCF's inaugural Gyncecological Cancer Awareness Weekend; a condowarming party in the city Saturday night; and a bridal shower for Michelle on Sunday afternoon. I'm happily exhausted just thinking about all of it! Check back on Monday for a round-up of the whirlwind weekend.


  1. You are a seriously busy pescetarian!

  2. here's where i fall:


  3. saw Dr. Oz on Ovarian Cancer -it was great to see the Dr. we heard. Not sure I'm posting this right...let me test