Best Week Ever: Sunday, June 14, 2009

So, it's been a busy week filled with many fun events, as well as severe back pain and low red count-induced fatigue. Here are some of the highlights:

Monday night I had a very fun and delicious dinner at Alison's with her (or, our) friends Julie and Lindsay...

Julie and Lindsay catching up at the dining room table. Please notice Alison's beautiful new chandelier and graphic print drapes. They're part of her condo redecorating project we have worked on together. Thankfully, it's almost complete.

Things got a little crazy toward the evening and Julie decided to try on "Brenda," a.k.a. my wig. Lookin' good, Jules!

Despite what you might think, Alison was not laughing at my bald head but rather the vision of Julie in my wig. Oh, and you should know, Julie is NOT the first friend to try on my wig. Thanks for the good times Alison, Julie, and Lindsay.

Tuesday I stayed in but Wednesday was the Indigo Girls concert at Wolftrap. As you'll see, we had a nice start to the evening but our prayers were not answered and the heavens opened up on us by the Indigo Girls' first song. We lasted for three songs and then Melissa, Joey, and I hit the road. Of course, their number one fan (a.k.a. Christy) endured the entire event, despite the downpour.

Christy and Mary looking the part with their braids.

Joey and Melissa enjoying their pre-concert/pre-rain picnic.
Joanna and Laural enjoying their food too.

A sideways shot of me in my new favorite green shirt, which I wore three evenings in a row, I think. I don't know what to do: Half of the time my photos load properly and half the time, they don't. Ugh!
I attempted to take a photo of the random woman next to me who was dressed in head to toe rain gear without her noticing. Oh well. I think she noticed...

I guess Christy thought my photo of the random rain gear woman was pretty funny!
Here comes the rain!

A final shot of the group before we ditched the concert for higher ground (a.k.a. the car). Despite the soggy ending, it was a great time!

Alison and I enjoyed a wonderful Oregon wine tasting (one Sauvignon Blanc and the rest Pinot Noirs) at Food Matters on Thursday night. Friday night, I popped a vicodin for my miserable back and met Kelley out at Brabo. Saturday was a full day, which included a little house cleaning (not much really...), a few hours at my parent's pool, some floral design at the Sigler's, and finally, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Annual Man & Woman of the Year Gala at the Ritz in D.C.

Here's a shot of the hydrangea, sea shell, and sand arrangements I made for Melissa S.' mantle. Pretty, huh?
Again, the photos won't load correctly but I thought I'd provide this close-up for everyone. In case you can't tell, I love how these turned out!

I give up! Me, Michelle, and Chartese. Michelle and Chartese are previous Woman of the Year winners. Chartese is also a cancer survivor.
Michelle and her boyfriend, Jim. Jim was the 2008 Man of the Year and like Chartese, is also a survivor. What a good looking pair!

ABC 7's Alison Starling emceed the event. This one is for you, Dad!

Alison was my date and she couldn't decide which Man of the Year candidate to support. Decisions, decisions...

Me and Michelle toward the end of the evening. Thanks for a great evening, Michelle and Jim! And congratulations to all of the Man and Woman of the Year candidates for raising nearly $900,000 in just 10 weeks on behalf of the Society! Bravo!
Today I had a wonderful breakfast meeting with Kristin and Shawn during which we spent about two hours discussing remodeling and interior design plans for their new house. After I finished with the Whitmans, I spent the afternoon at the pool with the usual suspects and then enjoyed another FABULOUS wine tasting at Food Matters. Why does Monday have to come so soon?


  1. Did you mention to Allison Starling that she should marry into the family? Thanks for the picture.-Dad

  2. hahahaha! that pic of julie trying on your cancer wig is killing me! thanks for posting it so i could relive the moment!