Weekend Round-up: Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorry for the delay, but here are some highlights from this past weekend, which, if you'll recall, started off pretty poorly with the bad blood test results but got progressively better, as you'll see.

On Saturday morning, I FINALLY decided to take charge of my nutrition (I've been relying on others a lot for the past couple of months) and went shopping at MOM's organic market for some groceries. As you'll see, it was a case of out with the old and in with the new. I'm now a loyal MOM's shopper. It's so much better than battling the yupsters for a space in the parking garage at Whole Paycheck and then having to decipher what's organic and what's not once you've finally made it in the store. That's all way too complicated for me these days!

Some of the old...

and some of the new.

After I finished my morning errands, I headed over to my parent's pool for a visit with my cousin Heather and her kids, who all came down from Baltimore for the afternoon.

Backyard wiffle ball with the Keller clan. The players included me, my cousin Heather, her three kids - Madison, Reagan, and Jack, and my mom. Dad umpired from the sidelines. The game brought back memories of childhood wiffle ball games with our neighbors on Cameron Mills Road.

Later that night, I headed into D.C. for my good friend Matt's goodbye party. Sadly, Matt is leaving me for two years to be a Peace Corps officer in Togo. I don't know what I'm going to do without my monthly straight guy friend sushi date. Matt and I have supported each other through various failed relationships, employment misery, family dysfunction, and many other things since we became friends (through one of my ex-boyfriends) just about 10 years ago. Has it really been that long since we've been cheering each other up over edamame and spider rolls? Wow!

Slightly out of focus. Let's try again!

Not much better. Oh well.

Fun with spray cheese! The guy with the cheese can is Matt's best friend, Brian. Brian is supposed to be my substitute straight guy friend sushi date while Matt is away. Whaaa? Aside from the obvious, the other major challenge here is that Brian does not eat sushi. We'll see how it goes. Fingers crossed!

Sunday morning I had a great walk with Krista. Krista also brought over a generous surprise with her -- a gift certificate for a massage at The Healing Tree, which is where I go for accupuncture. Bless you, Krista! After our walk, I packed an organic lunch for myself and headed over to my parent's pool for the afternoon (by the way, this is where you'll find me most weekend afternoons...). Alison and Jill joined me for the afternoon and it was like old times again.

The Girls of Summer: Alison, me, and Jill posing in front of my mother's rather phallic-looking plant trio. Leave it to my cousin Heather to point that out! How could we have not noticed this before?

Jill showing off what she's learning in swim boot-camp.

And, finally, Jill doing what she does best...lounging on one of the McGihon pool rafts. We try not to disturb her too often when she's on the raft.

So, that's it for the past weekend. Pretty full, huh? Especially for a girl who might need a blood transfusion! Whatever.

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