Power Smoothie!: Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I only got about three chunks of two-three hours of sleep last night because I had to wake-up at both midnight and 6 a.m. to take...you guessed it...more steroids! I know that's as much or more sleep than many Americans get on an average night but it's not how I like to roll. I like a good six-eight hour stretch, at a minimum.

Well, I was just going to write about what I've done so far today (a great 30-minute morning constitutional with my loaner dog AND a fantastic homemade smoothie with the Hemp Protein supplement that my friend Jim gave me last night) but I just got "the call" from INOVA Fairfax. Time to roll! I have two hours to get to the hospital to claim my bed and get Day 8's treatment underway, which is a three-four hour infusion of Taxol that will probably take a total of eight - 10 hours. That's how it goes: Every hour of actual infusion time equals about two hours of hospital time after you account for pharmacy delays, pre-med infusions, post-infusion rotisserie chicken action (more on that later...), etc.

Okay, gotta go. Time to shower (never know when your next one is gonna be, right?), collect my things, and my mother!


  1. Good luck, Jennie! 8-10 hours of chemo infusion sounds like hell on earth, but it also sounds like you've prepared yourself for it (including the prospect of a few more days without a shower). I'll be thinking of you through all of it and rooting for you every step (even the little ones to and from the bathroom) of the way!!! Wish I could be down there to actually show my support (instead of shouting it through cyber-space). Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks to celebrate your Bday and the successes of your treatment!!!

  2. good luck! i had an 8-hour infusion of chemo for Hodgkin's on Monday (and another coming up this coming monday...)

    i hate getting up to take steroids! i'm on prednisone, and i have to take 6 1/2 pills it 3 times a day because my pharmacy only offers 5mg tablets! They taste SO bad!

    I'm glad to have found your blog through Kariol. I started blogging in early June, after I was diagnosed, and joined PlanetCancer (and found Kariol's blog) soon after!

    thanks for your humor and frankness. it's great.