Away We Go: Sunday, July 19, 2009

I went to see "Away We Go" with Alison and Jill last night following a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at the pool, and really enjoyed it. Despite a bit of a slow start, it's a pretty funny, heartwarming flick. And in a sign of my improving mental health, I made it through the movie's storyline about all of the important decisions a couple faces regarding the impending birth of their child, as well as others' infertility and loss, without shedding one tear. Yay me! I'm fighting my way back to the land of normalcy.

Well, I'm off for a few morning errands with my mother, who has been on chauffeur/maid/nurse/shrink duty for over a week now, before spending the rest of the afternoon by the pool. Oh, and to those of you have been nice enough to call or text over the past 10 days and whose calls/texts I haven't returned (I think the list is up to about 15 or so right now, including my brother, several aunts, and some very good friends), please know that I appreciate you reaching out very much and will be in touch soon. As I'm sure you can tell from Thursday and Friday's blog posts, last week was a bit of shitshow for me (literally on Monday and then figuratively the rest of the week...) and I've just been focused on living in the present and trying to do what I need to do to put Humpty Dumpty (that would be me) back together again. So, please excuse me for not making my call list a top priority the past couple of weeks...or months.


  1. So glad the past couple of days have been better. And glad you let some anger/sadness out -- it just makes you normal! :-) Just keep doing what you need to do for YOU. That has to be your priority and your friends should understand that. Hope to see you again later today at the pool.
    much love,

  2. Michelle, I have never met you, but I could not have said it better. What she said Jennie.