Let's Catch-Up: Monday, July 27, 2009

I didn't intend to take an extended break from blogging but I've been busy and a bit uninspired, which is why you haven't heard from me the past few days. Here's a quick summary of what's been going on since I last wrote.

First, my good friends Krista and Michael had a lovely barbecue for me and some other friends on Wednesday evening. They wanted to show off their pretty new backyard deck and landscaping and treated us to a delicious meal of grilled salmon and pork tenderloin (just salmon for me!) and a yummy cucumber, tomato, and feta salad (they made a special portion for me without the cheese...so thoughtful!). Here's a few shots of the evening:

Thomas getting his carb fix from a big piece of bread.

LEW lounging in the Adirondack chair.

Some of the group enjoying cocktail hour on the deck.
The yummy cucumber salad.

Thomas and LEW sharing dessert with their moms.

On Thursday evening, I headed up to Michelle & Jim's to spend the night with Michelle and Lucy, their newly adopted yellow Lab. Michelle made a great veggie dinner. I took a little time after dinner to call Emily, who I was able to connect with through Imerman Angels. Emily is in her mid-thirties and went through treatment for ovarian/uterine cancer last year. She's doing well these days and it was great to connect with someone so close to my age who had been through everything -- including a total hysterectomy and IP chemo -- that I'm going through now.

I was able to catch up with Meredith, an old friend who I met in Brownies when we were 6 or 7?, over lunch on Friday. We had a great time filling each other in on the last few years of our lives, including many good laughs over stories of child care (hers) and dating (mine) mishaps. One of the silver linings of my unfortunate situation, has been the opportunity to reconnect with so many wonderful old friends. After lunch with Meredith, I headed back out to FARfax (that's my nickname for Fairfax) for more chemo class with Jan at Dr. E's office. Jan coordinates all of the chemo care for the patients in Dr. E's practice and is one of the busiest people I know. Despite this, she spent about an hour going over my new protocol with me to ensure I had all the necessary dates, instructions, prescriptions (six new ones to fill!), etc. that I need for the next nine or so weeks. Truth be told, I felt a little more optimistic about my ability to handle the evil IP regimen after talking with her. I joined Alison and her neighbor Lea for dinner at the newly opened Columbia Firehouse that evening. The staff is still working out some service kinks but the food is pretty yummy. Oh, and while we were out, Alison presented me with a surprise gift from a friend of hers who I met the night after I was diagnosed. It seems that Missy is following my blog and decided to treat me to the FABULOUS Trish McEvoy mascara after reading about my need for a new product. Missy, it really is the best! Thank you so much!

I was joined by several friends at the pool on Saturday, which was our first truly HOT day here in D.C. this summer. Thanks to Michelle, here are a few shots from the afternoon:

Lucy tested out the pool before the rest of the crowd arrived.
Kristin and LEW and Christy, Amelie and Harper also joined me. The little ones love the water! (Dad: No comments about my posture, please! Thanks.)

Lucy relaxing in the shade after a long afternoon of swimming (sort of) and running around my parent's big backyard.

My friends Jill and Heather treated me to a fun and delicious dinner at Cork (they have the best veggie small plates!) on Saturday night. It was wonderful to see Heather, who I don't get to see very often, and Jill was just as entertaining as usual with her tales of life in Bristow.

Yesterday I met with two design clients -- the Riddys and Whitmans -- regarding their projects. Both meetings were productive and I finished up in time to still make it over to the pool where I was joined by Alison, Michelle, and Lucy.

So, that's about it. I can't eat or drink anything right now so I'm off to get a pedicure before I head back to FARfax to get my chest port inserted later today. And you thought your Monday sucked?!?

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  1. Love that fabric. . .perhaps I need to rethink the kitchen area fabrics. . .that one is quite delish!