Taste Test: Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well, my chest port was successfully implanted yesterday. I'm a little sore where my interventional radiologist made the two slits to implant it but other than that, it was no biggie. One down, another to go on Thursday. Hopefully, my abdominal port implantation will go just as smoothly.
So, in my quest to find satisfying non-dairy dessert options, I indulged and purchased some SO Delicious ice cream bars, which are really frozen coconut milk with cocoa shell, today at MOM's. Who better to help with the taste test than my friends Thomas and LEW, both of whom stopped by the pool for a swim (and some "ice cream") this afternoon/evening. I think everyone, including me, was a fan of the ice cream bars!


Gone! As Thomas said, "Mmmm!"

LEW, who is the Summer Sanders of the two-year old set, swam for a bit before her taste test.

Say cheese!
Showing off her floating skills...

Now for the ice cream!
It was a hit!

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  1. So fun - thanks again for staying late at the pool. Dessert before dinner is such a fun summer treat!