We Interrupt This Blog...: Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, I'm 10 hours and 22 minutes away from going under Dr. E's knife again. Thankfully, I'm (finally) feeling peaceful and prepared for what lies ahead tomorrow and hopefully, the days to come. And my colon is, too. I've accomplished everything on my to-do list except for the relaxing deep tissue massage and the much less relaxing time entry for work but you know what...I'll get to it another day, right?

Since many of you have asked about how you're going to find out that I made it through surgery in one piece (but minus a few parts), here's the deal: I think I'm going to use Twitter to give you all my status updates, which you will find on the right navigation of my blog if you don't already follow my Tweets (shame on you if you don't!). You might question the use of this new social networking technology to communicate something as important as my health status but lest you forget, I am a marketer afterall and being such, it's all about driving traffic back to the Web site (or blog or Twitter, in this case)!

So, this will be the last post for a few days. We'll return to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday, July 13. Have a good rest of the week and a great weekend everyone. Goodnight!


  1. Hi Jennie,

    I'm wishing you all the best with your surgery, as a fellow Twig and former cancer patient. Did you read this story in the post about Ibby Caputo? Different cancer but very inspirational. I posted about it on my blog: http://www.ashley-spencer.com/ArtIsEverywhere/?p=657.

    I'm just now discovering Twitter....

  2. Jeez Peez Louise, Jennie!

    I'm right there with you with an Eve Tomato Water Bloody Mary in my hand!

    Love you, my friend!


  3. Good luck tomorrow. You know we're all thinking of you! Thanks for dragging some of us into the 21st century with blogs & twitter!! --A fellow Twig

  4. jennie,
    thanks for keeping us all posted and bringing us into the world of technology....so many care about you and how you are doing, and hopefully, this keeps you from having to retell the story a zillion times!!
    sending LOTS and LOTS of good thoughts and energy to you!!
    nancy smith

  5. Thinking of you Jennie and so glad to year you survived. Yay for twitter! :)

  6. Yay survival! Cheering for an easy and speedy recovery!