On the Road Again: Friday, July 31, 2009

I haven't been a very productive blogger this week, have I? Well, I guess I've had a couple of good excuses: a chest and abdominal port insertion. I'm doing okay this morning but I have to say, the abdominal port, which actually rests on one of my rib bones, isn't very comfortable. At all. I'm pretty sore to tell you the truth.

Despite the soreness, I'm in the middle of packing my bags to head up to NYC for the weekend to co-host Ali's bridal shower and bachelorette activities. I'm looking forward to seeing the bride-to-be, Christina, and a few other Deloitte friends during my quick visit. So, I guess I just have to play with pain, huh?!? (Don't worry, I'm taking my beloved vicodin with me.)

I'll be back on Monday with an update on the weekend...and to announce the arrival of a new summer house guest!


  1. hope you have a great weekend in nyc. be sure to belt out a few power ballads in korea town!

  2. Miss you! Have fun in my old hometown! :)