Chemo Update: Saturday, May 16, 2009

Okay, so I didn't manage to update the blog last night. I have a good excuse though. My college roommate Shannon, who lives in San Francisco, arrived shortly after I got home from chemo to spend the weekend with me. We enjoyed a yummy dinner at Food Matters and then came home in time to watch the beginning of Farrah's Story on NBC. You might think it was kind of morbid of me to watch a story of a woman dying from cancer but for some reason, I wanted to check it out. Anyway, true to form, I only lasted about 30 minutes into the 9 p.m. program -- just long enough to decide that she probably should have gone with a colostomy at UCLA in order to save her life. Oh well. I understand how that would be a very tough decision to make. Poor Farrah. Poor Ryan.

Anyway, I slept well and am feeling pretty good this morning. I have little bit of a soft stomach but other than that I've got no complaints. I took some Glutamine (thanks Baxter Healthcare!) this morning (and will take it three times a day for the next four days) to help ward off the extreme joint pain (think Fibromyalgia pain) I experienced for a few days following my first treatment. Hopefully, the Glutamine will make me less dependent on the vicodine (but I do love that stuff!). We'll see.

Time to go. Shannon is finally awake and we're going to head out to the gym or for a walk (if the weather holds) in a little bit. Keep your fingers crossed that this round of chemo doesn't bring the feeling of a "shock and awe" missile campaign in my pelvis and anymore fainting spells (although, I've got my smelling salts at the ready this time!).

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  1. Jennie-

    You are amazing! I cannot believe how strong you are. You have inspired me in ways I can’t believe. Love the blog! Thanks for sharing it with me and keep that great attitude.