Two Down, Four To Go!: Friday, May 15, 2009

It's that time again! I'm heading out to my second round of chemo in a little over an hour. I promise to post an update later today to confirm that all went as well as it did during my first treatment.

Before I head out though, I need to share a HUGE, HEARTFELT thank you to my wonderful girlfriends and brother who have outdone themselves once again. Early this morning I got a text message to check my front door for a small package. When I went to see what was there, I found a fully loaded iPOD Touch. It's filled with photos, songs, TV shows, etc. that several of my girlfriends and my brother loaded for me. I have no idea how you all managed to pull this together and suspect that Christina was the mastermind behind this but I am more grateful than you can imagine. Between this and Kelley's iPOD, I will finally catch up on all aspects of pop culture (maybe I'll finally learn who sings some of my favorite songs...a girl can dream, can't she?) and have a big smile on my face all day long. But I'll have to remember to be quiet when telling all of my chemo nurses about your generosity because I don't want all of the chemo patients to hate me because I have such better friends than they do!

Thanks again to everyone for your generosity. You really have no idea how much all of this lifts my spirits and helps me get out there to fight the good fight. And speaking of getting out there, I have to run now to do a quick 30-minute power walk before chemo!

I'll be back later with more about today's treatment. Thank you!

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