Welcome Wick: Thursday, April 9, 2009

WARNING: This is one is kind of gross...but funny, too!

So, based on the look of things, I already knew when I went back in to see Katy on Thursday afternoon that she was going to have to open up my incision. Good times! I was given the choice of either having a shot of pain killer directly in the infection area (ouch!) or trying to go without pain killer while Katy gently opened up a small section of my incision. I asked her for advice and she said to go without it and if it got too painful, she'd give me a shot. That sounded like a good plan to me since a shot directly into the infection sounded like as much fun as having a finger nail ripped out of its bed.

We were in a tiny exam room for the procedure, along with a pregnant nursing assistant who was helping Katy. As soon as Katy opened my incision (not too painful...she's the best!), a warm liquid ran down the side of my stomach, which was the pussy blood mixture of my infection. At about the same time I felt the liquid, I also noticed a foul odor fill the room that smelled like gas. I thought to myself, "How rude! Here we are in this tiny room with the door closed and one of the two of them has to fart right next to me! Haven't I been through enough torture already?!? Okay, which one of them did it? The pregnant lady or my beloved Katy...hmmm." Well, as if she was reading my mind, a moment later Katy explained that the rotten smell we were all experiencing was in fact my infection juice. Gross. No wonder I had a high fever and abdominal pain if that was the smell of the stuff inside of me. And, boy, did I feel badly for thinking that one of them tried to gas me out of the place when it was my stupid infection all along. Oh well.

After she finished draining the infection, Katy asked for her assistant to get my mom out of the waiting room so that she could teach her how to change the wick (think shoe lace) that would fill my new infection hole to help draw out additional drainage. The wick needed to be changed once daily. More fun! After mom's tutorial was finished (she was a quick study), we left the office to head home. I felt immediate relief from the procedure: my color improved, my mood improved, and I walked with greater ease. Hopefully, the worst was over!

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