Letting One Rip: Sunday, April 5, 2009 sometime in the afternoon

Here's another funny one. So, because Dr. E ended up having to do a colon resection during my explatory surgery (because he found a growth on my colon), I was not allowed to drink or eat ANYTHING until I passed a little gas. (I know, how unfair that they have this rule when you're already down for the count?) So, despite my best efforts to walk a few laps around the nurses' station each day following my surgery, the gas just didn't come...and didn't come...and didn't come. And, unfortunately, the gas pain just got worse, and worse, and worse with each day I wasn't able to, as the title of this entry says, let one rip. Finally, completely desperate by Sunday afternoon, I felt that some gas passage was imminent. Hurray! It happened while I was sitting in a chair next to a Labor & Delivery nurse, who was trying to get a new IV line in me for about the fifth time (apparently, I have difficult veins). Ahhh the relief! I've never been so excited to do something so simple in my life. I practically screamed down the hall to my nurse, "I farted, now let's get some drink and food in here!"

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